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From Allene

To have multimillions for retirement, you only have to plan, right? To be able to strut around that swimming pool in Palm Beach with the fabulous abs, the carefully honed exercise plan is all you need. Right? I was working with a student last week using a money management text that made the point that, well, you need to actually implement the plan, for exercise or money management. I set my ruefulness aside as we worked on compound interest. Five dollars a week, twenty dollars a month, compounded quarterly. Still a miracle, if you leave it alone. Push-ups, same thing. One day, you begin to see and feel the difference. Planning is only the beginning.

Do you see and feel the differences at St. John’s? I think we are about to cross a threshold. We’ve voted on two local programs to support with our time and our treasure. Some of us have known the work of Benincasa personally over the years, either through friends volunteering there or people we have known and loved passing through their care. The Veterans’ Outreach Center can use support, as Virginia said on Sunday, right now with mens’ underwear. Any size. Good! If you go on their website, you’ll see how wide and deep this organization goes. The Morale Center there even has a volunteer chiropractor and art therapist! Now we will support them for a year. With each of these organizations, we can become as involved as we want or feel called to do. We will certainly reach out into our community in new ways—a good thing.

We’ve done plenty of planning. We will continue to do more. But now we can find new ways to work together in our community to serve friends, neighbors, and people we don’t even know yet. St. John’s is heading out into the streets!

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