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While we are only meeting online for the time being, we are still picking up mail from our locked mailbox every day. So if you would like to mail in contributions they will be safe until deposited. Our address is: St. John's Church, 11 Episcopal Avenue,  Honeoye Falls, NY 14472.

If you would like to pledge during this time you can print out and mail the pledge card below.

Every day, in ways that are both small and large, God gives us many gifts.  He gives us life, sustenance, love, energy, wisdom, and courage.  He provides for us materially, and shelters us from life's storms.

Stewardship is both about caring for God's creation and thanking God for all that we receive from God.  
There are many ways to give to God's church.  First, there are financial gifts.  Attached is a form to make a pledge.  In the Episcopal Church, we pledge as a way of showing our current gratitude, our sense of responsibility, and our future commitment to the health and welfare of the parish.

The second way to give to God is through your talent.  Whatever your skills, whatever your interest, we have a way of getting you involved.

The third gift for God is your time.  That means your time spent in prayer and worship, your time helping others, your time studying and thinking about faith.  All of those pieces are important to recognizing and engaging in the gifts of God's love and grace.

Here is a litany adapted from the Episcopal Network for Stewardship.  As you pray it, listen for the way that God is speaking to you and how your heart is moved to respond. 


A Stewardship Litany  (Adapted from The Episcopal Network for Stewardship)


Let us pray for the wisdom and courage to make stewardship a way of life with God. (pause) 

Because of our faith in You, O Lord

All: we acknowledge You as the source of all that we have and all that we are. (pause) 

Presider: Help us to place You, our loving Creator, first in our lives

All: by becoming more prayerful and more focused on loving and caring for our families and our neighbors in need, and by becoming less preoccupied with material things. (pause) 

Presider: Help us, Lord to find the true source of happiness and fulfillment that we all seek

All: and that You, alone, can provide. (pause) 

Presider: Help us to hear Your call to be good stewards of all Your gifts

All: by sharing them for Your purposes. (pause) 

Presider: Help us make Your priorities

All: our priorities. (pause) 

Presider: Help us challenge each other, as disciples of Jesus Christ 

All: to put our faith into action. (pause) 

Presider: Let us pray that as good stewards we will plan our sharing. (pause) 

Presider: As we plan the things in our lives that are most important to us. 

All: Lord, help us plan our sharing of time with those in need. (pause) 

Presider: Help us plan

All: how to "give back" the talents with which we have been blessed. (pause) 

Presider: Help us plan

All: how to share our treasure to do Your work. (pause) 

Presider: Our planning and sharing

All: demonstrates the great importance that You and the truth of the Gospel has in our lives. (pause) 

Presider: Help us plan

All: to serve our church, our community, and our world with Your Gifts. (pause) 

Presider: Let us pray that we will share in proportion to what has been given us. (pause) 

Presider: Help us, Lord

All: return a portion of all You have given us. (pause) 

Presider: We do this, O Lord, as a sign of our love

All: and in thanksgiving for the many blessings we have received. (pause) 

Presider: We offer not only the "first fruits" of our financial resources

All: but a generous portion of our time and talents as well. (pause) 

Presider: As good Christian StewardsAll: we pray we have a joyful spirit of mind and heart.