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Our Leadership


Jillian Lloyd, Parish Admin

Jillian Lloyd joined the St. John's staff in July 2018. She acts as newsletter editor, weekly bulletin creator, and all-around office guru. She holds office hours on Tuesday and Thursday. During the summer months, you'll be sure to see (and hear) her girls making use of the grounds around the church on their scooters or enjoying a picnic in one of the gardens.


Outside of work, you can find Jill reading a book while her girls swim in the pool, leading a Girl Scout meeting or watching a movie with her husband! She loves spending time at home with her family. Since moving to the HF-L community in 2009, Jill has grown to love the small-town feel of the area and the school district.


John Richards, Music Director

John joined St. John's in 2003 after returning from Scotland (where he served as Music Director at Saint Margaret's in Dundee). He says " I was hoping to find a church that was warm and inclusive, spiritually rich, and blessed with a vibrant music program. I found all that here." You'll catch him most Sundays playing an 1895 Hook and Hastings tracker organ, working with the choir, playing various keyboards, and sometimes playing guitar.


If you enjoy singing or playing, please join us at our choir rehearsals Sunday mornings at 8:45am September - June. We have a recorder ensemble playing baroque music, flugelhorn, trumpet and concertina adding color and variety, and a skilled bell ringer pushing the levers in the upper reaches of the church.

Will Ingle, Treasurer

Will joined St. John’s as a teenager in 1979 and served as a chalice bearer and lay reader. After many years away from Honeoye Falls, he returned to St. John’s in 2004 with his wife Jane, and their two daughters Elizabeth and Grace. Will learned the Treasurer’s job from his good friend Jane Jobe who served as Treasurer from 2003 – 2020. He chairs the Finance Committee and helps repair and maintain our historic buildings and grounds.

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The Vestry is the equivalent of the board of the parish.  They oversee all policy and financial matters (including buildings and grounds), and act as the Rector’s advisors. The Vestry of St. John’s Church is elected for three year terms during the Annual Meeting each January. We also have two wardens, who help in the day-to-day leadership of the parish.

Current Vestry: Yeates Conwell, Shelly Shellman, Jan Metcalf, Allene Baillargeon, Lorraine Ndusha, Kaelin Allmendinger, Chris Baron, and Allan Shafer, Senior Warden; Mary Jo Smith, Junior Warden


Brief bios of some members are below:

Allan Shafer.jpg

Allan Shafer, Senior Warden

Allan and his family joined St John’s 15 years ago. He has served on Vestry, as warden, and lead the search and audit committees during that time. Aside from singing in the choir and playing trumpet during special services, you can find him helping in other parts of the services and typically in the kitchen during our dinner fundraising events. Allan and his wife, Deborah, have 23-year-old triplets and live in the town of Mendon. He works at Carestream, a global manufacturer of medical imaging equipment headquartered in Rochester.

Mary Jo Smith, Junior Warden

Mary Jo and her husband Andy live in the village of Honeoye Falls, with their son, Luke (but he’s moving to Pittsford soon). Their daughter, Madelein, lives in Jersey City, and is a stand-up comedian. Mary Jo is a Children’s Services Librarian at the Gates Public Library and has been a member of St. John’s for 28 years. She has been a member of vestry 2 or 3 times and was warden once before as well. She has also assisted in reviewing the church bylaws, played the handbells for Christmas Eve services, handed out cookies and Cider during the Christmas Parade and helped at many of our fundraising events.


Mary Ann (Shelly) Shellman

Shelly was raised locally and graduated from Honeoye Falls High school in 1960. After a stint in the Army, she moved to Columbus where she was a pioneer in computer operations. From there she moved to LA, and then on to her present home in Tucson. Shelly had an active career in residential real estate before retiring in 2009. She and her partner, Josie Meza, split their time between Tucson and their summer home in West Bloomfield. Shelly was a very active volunteer in her former church, and she is active with us for online worship and in-person activities when in town. She has a wide array of family, all of whom live in the Honeoye Falls area.

Shelly began her 3-year Vestry term in 2021.


Jan Metcalf

Jan, and her partner Pat, moved to Honeoye Falls in 2018. They had been members of St. Luke's in Fairport, where Jan sang in the choir, was a reader and lay eucharistic visitor, and organized money counting. Before that they attended St. Mark's and St. John's in Rochester, where Jan sang in the choir, was a lay eucharistic minister, and served one term on Vestry.  Jan was raised in Connecticut in the New England Congregationalist tradition.  Now retired, she had worked many years as a medical technologist and medical writer in New Haven, Connecticut; Madison, Wisconsin; and the Boston area before moving here in 1988 with Fisons Pharmaceuticals.   

Jan began her 3-year Vestry term in 2021.


Yeates Conwell

Yeates Conwell and his family have been members of the St. John’s Episcopal Church community since moving to Honeoye Falls in 1985. Although their three children (William, Claire, and August) have flown the nest, he and wife Gay Mills live in the village and remain active in church affairs. Gay is Executive Director of the Genesee Land Trust and Yeates is on the faculty of the University of Rochester School of Medicine. After serving several terms on the vestry in earlier years, he most recently was re-elected as a member in 2021.

Yeates began his 3-year Vestry term in 2021.

Allene Baillargeon

Allene and her husband Peter live in Mendon with Allene’s mom Pat and several pets you may or may not hear on Zoom calls. Allene is a retired special ed teacher whose interests include gardening, reading, writing, and drawing. She is currently working on a graphic novel involving butterfly life cycles.

Allene has been a member of St. John’s for over 30 years, serving on the vestry and as warden for multiple terms. She is a member of the Care Team. You have received cards she has designed, and she knows that art is only one way that God’s people can love one another. “Those designs are a love letter to the people of St. John’s,” she says. “Each member contributes to the whole, whether they know it or not. I have seen it during the years of my own time here.”

Allene began her 3-year Vestry term in 2022.

Lorraine Ndusha

Lorraine was accepted into the Episcopal church in 2017. She has served as an Altar Guild member since that time and two years ago was asked to lead the Altar Guild ministry in Benicia CA at St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

Lorraine's received her master's and post master's degrees in the science of Nursing and Psychiatric Mental Health. Her career as a Nurse Partitioner in Psychiatry has offered many opportunities such as private practice and 25 years of service with the U of R, Strong Memorial Hospital working with patients in various settings and capacities. Lorraine is the proud mother of two wonderful adult children, and has two sweet cats, many family members and friends. Lorraine is very grateful for being asked to serve as a Vestry member for St. John's. Since moving to Livonia and joining St. John's two years ago, Lorraine has helped with coffee hours and Altar Guild.

Lorraine began her 3-year Vestry term in 2022.

Kaelin Allmendinger

Kaelin joined St. John’s in 2019 after moving to Honeoye Falls. She has been active in church music since the age of 6 where she was in the junior choir at St. Mary the Virgin in Chappaqua, New York, and went on to be the assistant music director in high school, while being a soloist in the main choir. In addition to being an active member of the St. John’s choir, she has also dipped her toes into other church activities including baking cookies for remote members and running the Fall Bake Sale.


Kaelin began her 3-year Vestry term in 2022.


Chris Baron

Chris Baron lives in Scottsville and is a school bus driver for Pittsford Central School District.


He was introduced to St. John's by his friend, Gaie Goodness. Gaie invited Chris to attend a service and, though he hadn't attended church in a while, he said yes and has been attending services for about 3 years now. He decided that St. John's was a good place for him spiritually, among friendly and loving people. Chris has felt at home here.


Chris has helped with the Fall fundraiser, cohosting coffee hours, and sometimes plays the church bells. He is also a reader.

Chris began his 3-year Vestry term in 2023.

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