Our Leadership

The Rev. Virginia Tyler Smith, Rector

The Very Reverend Virginia Tyler Smith became the rector of St. John’s in 2015.  She is a Canandaigua native, and still thinks of Canandaigua Lake as her spiritual home.  Virginia is a proud child of the 80's, attending the University of Rochester when phones still plugged into the wall, and computers existed only in the library.  After U of R, Virginia attended Harvard Divinity School, and lived in the Boston area for a decade.  She returned to upstate New York just in time for Wegmans to start its organic section, and has had a tough time leaving the area ever since.  For nearly twenty years, Virginia worked as a healthcare executive and consultant, focusing on strategic planning and facilitation. Because she can't stay away from school, Virginia completed a Diploma in Anglican Studies at Bexley-Seabury Federation in Chicago in May 2017 and continues studying ways of evolving the church to meet the needs of God’s kingdom.  She is deeply committed to connecting community and our church to celebrate God in each other.  As a result, she is a trainer in the College for Congregational Development and also serves as the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester’s transition ministry officer.

Virginia is married to Brad Smith, an entrepreneur and recovering healthcare executive.  She is a step-mom to three, and a step-grandmother to four!  An avid baker, cook, and fan of British TV shows, Virginia is never happier than when she is feeding others and relaxing with a good glass of wine.


Virginia says she must have done "something right in a past life" to become the rector of St. John's.  As she says: "This parish has a warm, welcoming feeling. There is such a sense of tradition and pride in what folks bring here, and an even stronger sense of faith.  This is a growing, imperfect, and deeply committed family.  Every time I walk through that church door, I feel like I'm coming home to God. I hope you will too."

email: Virginia@stjohnshoneoyefalls.org

Jillian Lloyd, Parish Administrator

Jillian Lloyd joined the St. John's staff in July 2018. She acts as newsletter editor, weekly bulletin creator, and all-around office guru by answering calls, email and other correspondence! She has also been the Office and Finance Secretary at Honeoye Falls United Methodist since January 2016. Outside of work, you can find Jill reading a book while her girls swim in the pool, running her daughters to dance class, leading their Girl Scout meeting or watching a movie with her husband!

email: info@stjohnshoneoyefalls.org

John Richards, Music Director

​John joined Saint John's about six years ago after returning from Scotland (where he served as Music Director at Saint Margaret's in Dundee). He says " I was hoping to find a church that was warm and inclusive, spiritually rich, and blessed with a vibrant music program. I found all that here." You'll catch him most Sundays playing an 1895 Hook and Hastings tracker organ, working with the choir, playing various keyboards, and sometimes playing guitar. 


If you enjoy singing or playing, please join us at our choir rehearsals Sunday mornings at 8:45. We have a recorder ensemble playing baroque music, flugelhorn, trumpet and concertina adding color and variety, and a skilled bell ringer pushing the levers in the upper reaches of the church.

email: jtr@acm.org

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The Vestry is the equivalent of the board of the parish.  They oversee all policy and financial matters (including buildings and grounds), and act as the Rector’s advisors. The Vestry of St. John’s Church is elected for three year terms during the Annual Meeting each January. We also have two wardens, who help in the day-to-day leadership of the parish, and who meet weekly with the Rector.

Current Vestry: Gina Hurley, Don Terry, Andy Smith, Mark Donahoe, Michelle Laraby, Allene Baillargeon, Senior Warden; John Richards, Junior Warden


Brief bios of some members are below

Allene Lind Baillargeon

Close to three decades ago, I was looking for a place to baptize my son. That accomplished, I stayed, because at St. John’s I found the community I’d been looking for. There are always opportunities to be served and to serve in turn. Three decades means a lot of personal history, and it also means a lot of coffee and celebration cake served up with people I love.

Michelle Laraby

I live in Honeoye Falls with my husband Curt, our daughter Rileigh, our dog Fozzy and our cat Bunny.  My husband and I are both graduates of HF-L School District, we love this community.  I have a Master of Social Work degree, have a passion for helping others and work full time at the Canandaigua VA Medical Center assisting Veterans who are homeless and struggling with mental health concerns and/or substance abuse.  In my down time I enjoy spending time with family and friends at our cabin on Canandaigua Lake, doing puzzles and reading.  St. John's is important to me because it's a place where I feel comfort, support and guidance.  I always feel at home at St. Johns.

Andy Smith

My family and I moved to Honeoye Falls in the spring of 1993 and have come to St. John’s for 25 years. Madelein and Luke  attended  Sunday school and were confirmed here. St. John’s really is our church home.For a few years longer than that I have worked as an Environmental Scientist at Stantec Consulting in Rochester.  I write environmental impact statements, obtain regulatory permits and conduct wetland investigations for projects in NYS and other nearby states. When I’m not doing those things I like to ride my bicycle fairly leisurely, find cool subjects for photography, hike around and go to movies. Eating pizza and tacos and peanut butter and jellies are good too, just not all at the same time.

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St. John's Church   11 Episcopal Avenue   Honeoye Falls, NY 14472   585-624-4074